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Rosé sparkling
Ancestral Method


Corvina Veronese


Harvest 2019


12% vol.


75 cl

A limited production of


numbered bottles


“Il velo rosa” is a sparkling rosé wine, obtained with Corvina Veronese grapes, a native vine of the province of Verona, usually used to produce red wines.
It is paired with “Il velo bianco”: they are in fact two sister wines, produced in 2018 and 2019 with the same ancestral method, that is the ancient classic method, in which fermentation starts through indigenous yeasts that develop spontaneously thanks to the natural sugars present in grapes. The ancestral method is characterized by the absence of disgorgement: the yeasts remain in the bottle and give the wine that cloudy and veiled effect typical of sparkling wines of the past. Therefore, nothing is removed and indeed the fresh and intense aroma of the grapes is left behind.

On the label there is a photo of the”canina” rose, taken in our farm, on the slopes of the terraces at the edge of the wood, where the Corvina vine is grown. This kind of rose is an ancient spontaneous plant, very common, whose petals are used for the preparation of jams and the dried fruits for herbal teas and decoctions. The reference to ancient traditions is the sign that distinguishes the production of Serene organic wines, but always with an innovative and sensitive eye to the environment.