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Serene is a unique growing region.
It combines history, quality modern vision and a lot of passion. At the heart of Serene is the wine with a simple, instant and essential character.
Stefano Galber is the heart and mind of this company and has been since 1978.

Identity signs

I tell my story through the names of wines. A story composed of people, places, sounds, friendships and love. It begins sixty years ago when the maternal grandmother, L’Emma, bought the first parcel of farmland. It was my father who worked hard planting and cultivating the vineyards. Today this is my passion and life’s work. It is a world that i have learned to understand and love more each year. The key to my passion is the knowledge I have gained, the presence of new lands and most importantly my dedication and enthusiasm for this work.

Creative soul

It’s a continuous development made of small steps that lead to great satisfaction. Always searching for appropriate grape varieties that will thrive on my lands and new wine-making techniques which has led us to make an important choice for our company, starting from 2011 a path aimed at complete transformation biological of our production.
Over the years, that drive has always been to learn “the art” of wine-making and the understanding there is always room to learn and perfect it. When innovation and enology are combined with creative vision, a skill that has given me the opportunity to create my wines and let their authenticity emerge.

~ Stefano Galber


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