Serene Wine

Über uns

Serene is a certified organic winery since 2014.

It’s managed entirely with the expertise and forty years of experience by the Galber family.

Per natura biologici

where we are

The estate is located in Affi, on the eastern hills of Lake Garda. The surface is of 24 hectares, of which 13 by vineyard.

The historic vineyards are native Corvina Veronese, Rondinella and Molinara grapes. To these have been added prestigious international grape varieties of Pinot Noir, Pinot Blanc, Pinot Grigio and Syrah.

production and method

Serene wines are produced exclusively with the grapes from the own vineyards.

The production is limited every year and all the bottles are numbered. For our sparkling we use Classic Method, Ancestral Method and Charmat Method.

The favorable temperature and humidity conditions in this region, makes our organic wine unique within Italy and Europe. A magnificent place that combines the centuries-old knowledge of wine and our land with the exceptional nature of the area, naturally suited for organic cultivation.

our goals

Production of a refined and original organic wine, with exaltation of the particular, of typical non-flattened aromas, partly forgotten, suitable for a demanding, refined and curious public. Curious to discover sensations of tradition and the typicality of a territory that makes you fall in love, which combined with the skill of the farmer and winemaker, can be found in the excellence of Serene wines.

Maximum research of the expression of what the potential of the grape can give.

To transmit in Italy and in the world, to the people who taste Serene wine, wherever they are, all those emotions that only the wine born from such a refined path can give. Ultimately the essence of the Serene philosophy.

Agronomic techniques
Environmental impact

Minimizing the environmental impact that the cultivation of grapes and its winemaking requires: we never ask our land more what it can give.

Absence of any type of fertilizers: every 7/8 years we use horse manure of our production.

Absence of interventions against harmful insects: damage is always minimal, any damaged grapes are cut and left on the ground.

Serene has been certified organic since 2014.

This technique allows to remove all interventions against pathogens such as Moth and Botrytis.

It favors the ideal ripening of the grapes.

The vines are defoliated in August with the exception of Corvina and Corvinone for which, suffering from sunburn, it is postponed to mid-September.

Pinot Nero defogliato
Drying on the plant

It is used for important red wines such as Saghé and L’Emma. The cut is made about a week before ripening and the grapes are left to dry for 30/40 days depending on the vintage.

Support the concentration of sugars and grape extracts, which are essential for long-lived and structured wines.

Pinot Nero drying on the plant
Use of the sulfur press

The technique of using ventilated sulfur, now abandoned, allows to preserve the grape in a superfine way during the final phase of ripening.

Corvina grape
Grape hand-picked

The grape harvest is completely by hand in small 10 kg baskets.
The result in the cellar is excellent.

Molinara grape
vinification techniques
Using only indigenous yeasts

The fermentation of all the wines takes place only with indigenous yeasts that enhance the typicality of the single grape varieties.

Fermentation in the absence of sulfur dioxide and carbon for sparkling base wines and still whites

With this technique, the discoloration occurs naturally by oxidation.

It needs perfectly healthy grapes, to avoid the triggering of anomalous fermentations.

It allows to have in bottled wines, doses of sulfur much below the
allowed and no interference on the final quality in the bottle.

Vinification of the must

Only the must is vinified, always excluding the second pressing and pressing.

Proefschrift Wijnconcours 2009. Rosé of the year.
CWSA 2016. Gold Medal.
Italy Ranking TASTED 100% BLIND by Andreas Larsson. 88/100 points (2017).
CWSA 2019. Gold Medal.
CWSA BEST VALUE 2020. Gold Medal.
BERLINER WINE TROPHY 2021. Silver Medal.

Durch die Namen der Weine erzähle ich meine Geschichte, die von Leute, Ortschaften und Worte der Muttersprache gemacht ist. Diese Geschichte fängt vor sechzig Jahre an, als meine Grossmutter, die “Emma”, den ersten Stock vom Land einkaufte. Dann pflanzte mein Vater die ersten Weinberge. So begann mein Beruf und meine Leidenschaft auch. Ich habe das Land kennengelernt und Jahr pro Jahr geliebt. Mit der Zeit habe ich meine Erfahrung durch Wissen und Begeisterung entwickelt

kreativer Geist
Eine stetige Fortentwicklung, in kleinen Schritten, mit großen Erfolgen: von der Auswahl der Rebstöcke, die sich am besten eignen und fähig sein würden, ihr Potential zum Ausdruck zu bringen, über das Experimentieren bis zur Ausfeilung der Weinerzeugung Techniken. Der Wunsch danach, die „Kunst” der Herstellung von Biowein zu erlernen, war stets die treibende Kraft gewesen, im Bewusstsein dessen, da.u immer Platz für weitere Forschung und mögliche Verbesserungen bleibt. Der innovative Sprung ist das Ergebnis einer önologischen Kultur und einer persönlichen Anschauungsweise, die es mir ermöglicht haben, meine Weine herzustellen und ihre Ursprünglich haben, meine Weine herzustellen und ihre Ursprünglichkeit hervortreten zu lassen
~ Stefano Galber